Monday, September 20, 2010

Ba-dum, ba-dum

Okay, you really have to read that title thinking of the old A&W commercials and the Rootbear who'd tromp around to the cute music. I used to love singing that little tune - ba-dum, ba-dum, bum ba dum ba dum dum. Ba da da dum, da dum da dum dum ... even learned to play that one on the pedals of the organ lol!

So why am I thinking of this old song right now? Well, we've got rootbeer on the brain. Yup, the cook's back in the kitchen because the new stove arrived (and works great!!). Introducing the Rootbeer cupcake! This cupcake starts with rootbeer chocolate cake topped with rootbeer buttercream, grated chocolate, whipped cream and just a few sprinkles .... What's best about it is it's not quite as sweet as most cakes (the rootbeer cuts the sugar flavour a bit), so it's easy to eat more than one!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, it seems like awhile since we've posted on here! Summer has been a blur of activity - amidst trips to the lake, entertaining company and working we did cupcakes for two weddings, a trade show, and numerous others. Now that September is upon us, it should be time to get back in the kitchen making some creations.

But, wait, is it possible that we could both be without an oven right now? You guessed it! One kitchen is undergoing a renovation and the other has suffered the loss of an oven! Hopefully the new one will be here in the next couple days so we can get back to concocting some new fall delights.

So, rather than baking, we'll be dreaming of some fun fall flavours to unveil. This time of year always makes me think of apples, maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg. What do you crave as the days get shorter, the temperatures fall and the leaves start to turn?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Fun!

Summer is such a fun time of year! The days are longer, the sun is warmer, the colors are brighter and there's a holiday each month! We've got one of my favourite holidays coming up next week - Canada Day. To me, July 1 is an opportunity to remember the wonderful things about our country and to appreciate all that we have in this beautiful nation. I proudly wear red & white to enjoy the festivities! And, with that holiday on my mind, I came up with a patriotic cupcake - the Red & White. It's a Red Velvet Cola cupcake with rich buttercream frosting, drizzled in a red raspberry sauce and sprinkled with red sprinkles. Oh, Canada!!

And, here's a twist on the Pink Lemonade cupcake - for those of you who aren't so into the pink! It's Green Limeade! This is a light & fluffy lime cupcake with lime frosting! A sprinkle of green and a lime candy finish it off. I suppose we could add a little sumthin-sumthin to this to make it a margarita cupcake ... whatever your heart desires!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Girls' Night Out

We were invited by Kara of Polka Dot Piggy to do a show at Lakeshore Garden Center with a select group of vendors. So we headed off on a very rainy Thursday to set up our delightful cupcakes for the evening.

We brought a couple favorite flavors - Paralyzers & Orange Creamsicles - and a few new creations! Shown here with the Paralyzers and Creamsicles are the Raspberry Ripples - a raspberry cream soda cake with a touch of Raspberry liqueur in the frosting!

Introducing Chocolate Orange and Yo-Ho-Ho (and a bottle of Rum) - Rum Raisin! Yo-Ho-Ho does have rum in it (the raisins are soaked in it and the frosting infused with rum), but not quite a bottle like the name would infer!! Chocolate orange is a delightful chocolate and orange cake with orange cream cheese frosting ... mmmmmmm.

And, here we have the Mocha Joe cupcake - a coffee-chocolate cake with coffee buttercream ... an instant pick-me-up! And, a great choice for coffee breaks on dreary days!

A delightful evening and another sell-out! A very special thank you to Kara of Polka Dot Piggy Designs for inviting us along and coordinating the event. There's a possibility of it happening again ..... you won't want to miss it!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Raspberry Dreams

A friend's daughter is turning 5. What a fun time for a little girl! She's having a Hello Kitty birthday party and wanted pink and white cupcakes for it.

We've been thinking of a raspberry cake for awhile now and were waiting for nicer weather, but frankly got tired of waiting! Perhaps the creation of a raspberry cupcake will bring on the summer weather! So, mother nature, we present you with a beautiful raspberry cream cake and raspberry buttercream frosting. Will you please return the favor and delight us with some sunshine?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Green is the Color

I had a request to create a cupcake for a shower where bride's colors are black, white and green. It seems that green is a popular color right now and that naturally made me think of our green Riders.

Since the Riders are "simply the best," I had to start with simply the best cupcake base for this - a chocolate chunk brownie! Topped with decadent cream cheese frosting streaked with green and drizzled with chocolate glaze. A few green sprinkles just finish it off. Care to weigh in on whether green is your favorite color?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Captivating .....

Another rainy day brought on another baking creation! Introducing the Captivating Caramel Cupcake - made with caramel lovers in mind!

It's a creamy caramel cupcake dipped in caramel glaze, frosted with delightful butter cream, drizzled in caramel sauce and topped with toffee bits. It's difficult to stop at one ....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Girls Tea Party

You are invited to join us at a Girls Tea Party this Sunday afternoon.

Just a short hop skip & a jump from the edge of Saskatoon and a minute past the Berry Barn you'll spot a flurry of balloons waving you in to the home of Polka Dot Piggy designer Kara.

We are very excited to be included in this event and have decided on bring cupcakes with a drink theme Karyn Cola Floats, Orange Creamsicles, Pink Lemonade, as well as a few with a little extra sumthin' sumthin' the Paralyzer and the Pina Colada.

So why not join us for cupcakes on the deck and a little girlie time.

See you there!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Peanut Butter Brownie Delight

We decided that a week of inclement weather is a good week to create a peanut butter cupcake. Now, peanut butter is wonderful, but the thing that seems to make it even better is chocolate. And, what makes chocolate better? Well, naturally, putting it in a brownie and drizzling it over the top of something. So, here we present to you a peanut butter-chocolate marble brownie cake topped with peanut butter cream cheese frosting drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with Reese's Pieces .... the first taste tester immediately fell in love - think you will too?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drinkin' it in

Snow days are perfect days for putting together new recipes and with Mothers Day just around the corner we wanted to give you more choice - why not give Mom a box of delightful treats? You know she'll thank you for it.

A friend of ours passed on a recipe where she'd added in a little sumthin' sumthin' for an extra surprise we used it as inspiration to come up with another adults-only flavour.
At the bar this week we have The Paralyzer full of flavour including a little sumthin' sumthin'!

Snow days in May definitely make you dream of summer sunshine & popsicles melting in the sun. Now you'll be dreaming of our Orange Creamsicle cupcake available all year round.
Orange cream soda cake, topped with our classic butter cream swirl icing and drizzled with orange cream soda glaze. A little sugar sprinkles never hurt anyone - nor did an orange candy to top it off! A delight for everyone!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Karyn-Cola Float

Summer's coming and this warm weather really made us thing of cool drinks & ice creams.

Inspiration struck once again and a favourite cola cake recipe was given a new twist. The kitchen was buzzing as this new creation came to life.

We are so happy to introduce you to the new Karyn-Cola Float!

A delicious cola cupcake topped with vanilla ice-cream like butter cream frosting and a special Karyn-Cola sauce poured over top. That little cherry on top just finishes it off beautifully.

Get your spoons and straws ready.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


{cupcake} Delight ROCKED the Women in Business Trade Fair.

While we were setting up, other vendors & their families were stopping by for a taster & once the doors opened we were in business - the Pied Pipers' of Delisle!

Pink Lemonade was the first to sell out.
Quickly followed by Triple Choc. Shock and the Funky Monkey.

The rest were not too far behind.

Favourite moment? Hands down, watching our customers taking the first bite of a cupcake pop!

This week we're delivering orders and working on a couple of new recipes too.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trade Show Sunday

Wondering what you'll do this weekend? Come see us at the trade show in Delisle at the Town Hall from 10-3 on Sunday. We'll be selling 6 of our favorite flavors of cupcakes including the delicious cupcake pops!

Needs a Name

These are carrot cupcakes topped with delightful cream cheese frosting, a sprinkling of cinnamon and of course, a frosted carrot! They really need a catchy name and nothing is coming to me right now. And, I have a sample awaiting whoever can give me the best idea for a name! Leave your comments below by clicking "delights".

Pink Lemonade

This was a first attempt at a pink lemonade cupcake - they're lacking the embellishments that I'd have liked, but I just had to get a photo up before we debut them at the trade show on Sunday. Hopefully, I'll have even better photos soon ....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cute as Confetti

What can I say - confetti cupcake in regular and mini sizes with colorful confetti-inspired frosting topped with a marshmallow. This one is simple, but delightful to kids.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Funky Monkey

What a delightful recipe we discovered. As we perused various recipe books looking for treasures we discovered this roasted banana cupcake & just had to whip out the Kitchen Aid to try the recipe. We of course had to change a few things but loved the result, particularly the honey & cinnamon frosting. A delight for all the senses!